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Complete & Comprehensive Product Line from the house of UMAR FAROOQ INDUSTRIES
About us

HECO PUMPS & GEYSERS to Ease-up your Life

We are a dedicated team of engineers at UMAR FAROOQ INDUSTRIES to produce quality pumps & geysers for last 6 decades. Our goal is to accomplish the production in the smoothest, most sophisticated and most economical way. So, that our customer could benefit from our series of products for a longer life.

Salient Features of Heco Pumps & Geysers:

  • Low Electricity Consumption.
  • Complete Range Availability both for Heco Pumps & Geysers.
  • Customized RPM & HP can also be manufactured.
  • Solid Parts & Service Warrantee.
  • Distribution Network across the country.
  • After sales customer support

Get ready for winter with Hot Water by the Best Electric & Gas Water Heaters in Pakistan

Low Installation Cost

Heco water heaters are easy to install. Just buy online or from your nearest home appliances shop and get it fitted by any experienced plumber without any no extra pipes, vents, or complicated distribution processes

Energy Efficient

Heco Gyser are surely energy efficient water heaters which doesn’t waste energy and with their huge insulated water tanks, they preserve heat for a longer time. So, you don’t need to consume gas or electricity during peak hours.

Secure Auto Ignitions

Heco geysers are equipped with latest thermostats that maintains auto ignitions when required. Thus our water heaters are secure. They are fire resistant due to heavy duty ignition and burner under the water tank.


Heco pumps are made of fine grain Cast Iron.


The Shaft is made of high tensile strength carbon steel and neatly finished on grinding machine.


These are assembled under pressure. Stator is rigidly held in cast iron frame. These are manufactured with high quality Electro steel sheets, each being insulated to prevent eddy current.


Electricity Efficient pumps with 99.9% Copper Wire

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