Take a Shower in the coldest days of winter with Instant Hot Water Premium Geysers.

Water Geyser Price in Pakistan

Buy a premium quality Geyser for your home at a reasonable price

Are you looking for an appliance that can save you from warming up water all day long during winter? Well, you don’t need to worry while Heco Pumps and Geysers is here. With the invention of geysers, now there is no need to warm water manually. Geysers made things much easier and simple. A water geyser is very vital for households and every home should have one. This appliance has made life more comfortable and convenient. A lot of thinking is involved when the matter is about finding a suitable water geyser that has energy-saving features, can meet your budget, and assist you in washing dishes, laundry, or bath time. Heco Pumps and Geysers is proud to present our customers with top-quality geysers with the latest technology at reasonable prices. Now get the most suitable Geyser price in Pakistan at our online shop and spend winters conveniently.

Geysers Models

Model Gauge Thermostat
25 GL
10 Gauge
Shalimar Thermostat
35 GL
10 Gauge
Shalimar Thermostat
55 GL
10 Gauge
Shalimar Thermostat

Electric Geyser Price in Pakistan

An ultimate savior for upcoming winters!

In Pakistan, electric geyser is some of the selling water heater types as their cost is low. Electric geyser is commonly used in those areas of Pakistan where there is a gas shortage as these geysers run on electricity. One of the benefits of an electric geyser is that compared to conventional water heaters, it can heat water at higher temperatures. These geysers are also good in safety but the safety also depends on product quality.

Nowadays, the average selling Water Geyser Price in Pakistan is 21,600 PKR. An Electric Geyser price in Pakistan ranges from 14,900 PKR to 34,000 PKR.

On Hecopumps.com you can explore a vast variety of geysers for your home, building, or office. We offer market-competitive prices on water geysers online that can’t be beaten by any online store or local market. You can order from all major cities of Pakistan including Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Faisalabad, and Karachi on our online store.

Today Electric & Gas Geyser Price of Instant Hot Water in Pakistan | Hecopump

Variety of Water Geysers in Pakistan Available at Heco Pumps and Geysers

Heco water Pumps and Geysers possesses the honor to supply multiple kinds of geysers throughout Pakistan with years of guarantee. Our range of geysers includes

Instant Geyser

Instant geysers provide hot water instantly. One of the advantages of an instant geyser is that they utilize less energy and had because they only work when the tap is on. Get special deals and discounts on Instant Geyser Price in Pakistan with surety of product quality.

Electric Geyser

Electric geysers utilize electricity to heat the entire system by converting electric energy into heat energy. Find the best Electric Geyser Price in Pakistan at Hecopump to obtain an uninterrupted hot water supply to your bathroom, kitchen, and laundry section.

Gas Geyser

Gas geysers operate on LNG or natural gas and are available in different capacity ranges (15, 25, 35, 55 gallons). Get the most reasonable Gas Geyser Price in Pakistan at Heco pumps and geysers and purchase a lpg gas geyser online of your required size with special discount offers.

Portable Geyser

Small portable geysers are ideal if you have a small house. They are convenient and safe to use. Portable instant water geysers have digital thermostat systems and can control gas and electricity utilization. You can find the best Portable Geyser Price in Pakistan only at Hecopump.

Features of a Good Gas Geyser

A quality water geyser should have the following attributes:

  • Energy-efficient water heating system
  • Warranty on buying
  • Durability
  • Resistance for corrosion
  • Safe for the water and environment
  • Effective recovery rate
Today Electric & Gas Geyser Price of Instant Hot Water in Pakistan | Hecopump

Geyser for sale in Lahore, Pakistan

A must-have household appliance in winters

Today, water geyser has become a necessity and no longer a luxury item. While buying a gas geyser or electric geyser, it is compulsory to make sure what kind of geyser is needed according to the size of a house, the number of people, and the number of washrooms. Another thing that should be kept in mind while buying a geyser is the quality which is very difficult to determine as it is not always the geyser price in Pakistan that guarantees its quality. However, at Heco Pumps and Geysers, you will get only the certified products that are built on the correct specification at the market competitive Geyser price in Pakistan because customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Buy Geyser Online in Pakistan and Get an Immediate Warm Water Supply

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Now it is much easier to do domestic chores and baths in winter thanks to the immediate supply of warm water by geysers. Geyser not only saves your time but also lowers the risk of getting burnt while warming water manually. Now you don't need to step out and run from one store to another because geysers with multiple specs and price ranges are available for purchasing on Hecopumps.

Instant Geysers and Electric Geyser for sale in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi

Heco Pumps and Geysers is Pakistan's online shopping store that has taken the oath of providing its clients with the best electronic products. Our collection of household appliances is available at the best prices in Pakistan as we try to charge our clients the least possible amount. We offer safe and secure payment methods for your comfort which also include COD. On Hecopumps, Gas Geysers for sale in Pakistan are also available at 0% EMI plans. So why wait? hurry up and place your order now!


A water geyser provides hot water quickly without involving any physical aid from any person. It works by converting electric/gas energy into heat energy until the water is hot enough for use.

In a geyser, the cold water moves through a water pipe and then toward the water storage drum. This hot water then moves through the water outlet.

The temperature of the geyser should be adjusted to 38 degrees Celsius (100 Fahrenheit) which is a close temperature to the human body. This temperature ensures less consumption of energy and it also keeps water natural.

Today Electric & Gas Geyser Price of Instant Hot Water in Pakistan | Hecopump